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Minesweeper Helps Focus Thoughts!

A brief interlude:

SO: What's a jihad?
SO: What's a holy war?
Hamster: A jihad is a holy war. A holy war is a war done by people who think they're fighting for their God, and sanctioned by Him too.
Hamster: It's basically what crazy Christians did during the Crusades...and crazy religious types today are still trying to do...
SO: And they become mortyers.
Hamster: Martyrs. :)
SO: Yeah.
Hamster: A martyr is just some crazy dude who thinks, "Oh, look at my angst! Look at my suffering! Pity me!"
SO: I thought religious ppl are supposed to be at peace at all times. Like Gandhi.
Hamster: Nah. Religious history is all about wars and putting down other people and basically staking territory. Gandhi was a peace-loving dude, which was power to him. But lots of other people get into their religion and go a bit mad.
Hamster: For example, they suddenly think they have to spread the good word and make everyone else a part of their religion, like door to door Mormons, and that's where all the trouble and warring starts...