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Kung Hei Fatt Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! This will be my second CNY without my family, in my entire lifetime, and somehow it sounds a bit pathetic, given that I spent at least 19 CNYs with my family. So, I probably should've woken up in the morning (yes, that would've helped), and run across the street to fight my way alongside all the other people who wanted to do a bit of last minute grocery shopping. I probably should've gone out, got the Emperor's Chicken seasoning, the vegetarian sharksfin, the milk, maybe more curry powder. I don't need vegetables, and I'm not out of meat. I thought I needed a fillet of fish, the only ones I have are the frozen breaded kind (no, not in a soup).

Then I woke up at 2pm, because the phone rang. And then I didn't get off the phone till 4pm. And then I had to watch Qin Shih Huang (wow, those costumes). And by the time I was anything like brushed and cleaned, it was 6pm. Which left me 6 hours to clean up the house before midnight, because Chinese superstition dictates that one is not supposed to clean one's house on Chinese New Year Day, and some days after too, lest one sweeps away any incoming good luck. No, I am still all alone, and there is no one to actually yell at me if I didn't clean up. But any excuse to clean up is good enough, I guess. The family left the house a mess while packing for Oz.

Vacuumed the floor and bits of carpeting, mopped up after. Did the washing, lo, it was midnight before I realized I did need the Emperor's Chicken seasoning for that frozen bird Mom left. And I was desperately craving a nice bit of scrambled eggs and vegetarian sharksfin, which would mean I'd have to buy lettuce too. Yeah, I know, it's not exactly starvation. Hadn't eaten all day, so made myself some curried veges. Flavor was all wrong, needed more curry powder. Could optionally roast or use some leftover Steamed Chicken seasoning I found in the fridge on bird, although I don't really have to cook the bird right now anyway.

First day of Chinese New Year is usually vegetarian, or at least, the breakfast is (I'm made to understand this is dependent on how orthodox one is). When Mom was around to cook, we'd have this ghastly stew of beancurd skin (yummy!), moss seaweed (yummy!), lily buds (yummy!), shiitake mushrooms (ugh), glass noodles (not bad) and pungent brown sauce (ack). I'm not entirely sure if that stew was part of tradition, although I know the ingredients have some significance. Damn, wished I had lily buds. But moss seaweed's Chinese name is fatt choy, the prosperous vege. I think I'll make myself some vegetarian fried noodles tomorrow. I've defrosted the vegetarian mutton, we do have some moss seaweed and even beancurd skin, I finished the shiitake mushrooms in a congee though. Do have lots of nummier button mushrooms around. No carrots. Supermarket had bags of carrots, and four of carrots, but no single carrots. Wished I had oyster sauce. Mom will probably yell at me if she saw me, I haven't been eating that many leafy greens lately. And btw, have a great new year!

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