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Discovered that grimy pavement of city glows bright, scary white under Malaysian sun. It is very warm right now, it's always very warm. I think we're in between rainy seasons again. Bought lunch at the restaurant across our place. Sat next to the earth god altar. The incense wasn't strong, but seeped into the nostrils anyway. Very sweet, very thick. I've been in that shop dozens of times, but never really paid attention to what was on the earth god altar. Had to keep sneaking peeks while trying not to look rude. It's not one of those Chinese altars with the Kuan Ying or three gods combo. Just a swath of red paper with what I think are prayers (never got around to learning Chinese, and should have listened to Mom's advice about learning Chinese two dozen years ago), incense, tea lights, 5 little cups of tea (wine?), pineapple-banana-orange fruit offerings. Wished I had the guts to ask the tauke nyong (er, this translates into lady boss) what the altar was about, but that really would've been rude. Mom confirms it's an earth god altar, and it could explain why it's on the floor.