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The Zen of Hamsters

Watching ants scurry across the hot pavement. The fractured self is gone now, after a fashion, so I am in control again. Have a cotton bud stuck in one ear, typing and tweaking. My ears always itch. The ear doctor suggests that I may be both cleaning them too much and committing the crime of using cotton buds. Begun my reviewing at OWW again. Forgot the amount of good reading there.

I like writing, cute rodents and PC games. I started an Amazon.com Wishlist. Ever since the SO took a Sexual Psychology class, he's decided I have PMS every week. Are you sure it's not PMS? Which one of us actually bleeds here? Ampang Jaya has terrible drainage issues. The sewerage and the drains clog up regularly and stink vehemently. It amuses me to note there are people who will be build dividers and pavements with no holes to drain out rainwater, especially in a country that rains all year round. Days have been hot lately. Like the pleasant gloominess of rain. Drowning bad thoughts in long, hard hours of BG2. It's beginning to frighten me how the Kelsey mod both repels and attracts me. That Kelsey is annoying at times, but reminds me of someone very familiar. I am, what's the word, visualizing? Folding someone else's personality over a piece of code? I had to replace the given Kelsey picture with a proper manly drow wizard one, and switch the sprite's hair and skin with something more suitable. My own character is currently following my own hair and skin. She used to be white haired and vampire skinned, unfortunately the glaring clown-ness of it began to grate on my nerves.

The hamsters shall rise against the establishment. They will establish soft, fluffy places, and redistribute food.

Balmy Tuesday noontime
Simple things are best laid bare and lovely
This, the zen of hamsters.

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