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Oh, Look. Fireworks.

There were tracers and falling stars, hibiscus blooms and shattering sparkles, twirly whirly shining pennies. My ears were dulled for a half hour after that.

Brother cried. Scared of loud firework noises. He's 14. He's "sensitive" to most things. Evolution did funny things with his head. His brain is supposed to be larger than others.

Bonded with uncle I've not seen since I was 7. Cold, cynical dude. Angsts at everything. Yeah, he's only 9 years my senior.

Wrote a poem about girls with butterfly wings. It's not about fairies. Don't smirk like that, it makes your face scrunch up. Had decent Chinese food. Thoroughly enjoyed the long-life noodles. They were slightly deepfried and crunchy around the edges, with lovely wantan noodleness in the middle, the crunch of well made noodles. And they were in a thick (but not soupy) egg sauce, with mushrooms and greens and prawns (shrimps for the non-Europeans). Would love to have long-life noodles such as those again. Must attempt to push this past Mom when we next do Chinese.

Eel hot soup was too peppery, too salty, and the eels were too fishy. Salted beef was just salted beef. Steamed chicken was unusual, in that it was regular steamed chicken with minced bird's eye chillies in the sauce. Peppery, but good. Roast crispy duck was terrible. They had to put a honey glaze before frying, and burn the duck pieces black. Spicy Szechuan food tempered by slightly bland kale, shitake mushrooms and pith fungus. And the tasty long-life noodles.

Discovered that world's largest consumer of ivory is Chinese Asia. Ack. I remember having an ivory and gold bracelet once. I don't know if the ivory or the gold was real, probably not, since I found it by accident in an old house we lived in when I was 7 or 8. It had ivory roses, actually quite intricate roses, with gold backing and links. I don't know where the bracelet went. I would have very much liked to wear it today. It's very likely vintage jewelry.


Jan. 2nd, 2003 10:03 pm (UTC)

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