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Sweet Tea, Plenty Axing

Sitting back and sipping Yeo's 8 Treasures Tea. It's got this general rock sugar syrup base sort of flavor, on first taste, which sort of grows into increasing bittersweetness. 8 Treasures Tea, the one I tried at Spring Garden anyway, isn't usually supposed to be so sweet, I think. The ingredients for the Yeo's variation are Ginseng, Red Dates, Wolfberries, Dried Pear, Dried Winter Melon, Jasmine Tea, Green Tea and Dried Mandarin Oranges. The added cane sugar and rock sugar must be to mask the ginseng. I like it. Very calming, although I wished I could heat it up a little.

Reading the Yeo's site gives me urges to eat half-boiled eggs and soy sauce, because I love eggs, and I love soy sauce even more. Small wonder my hair keeps falling out, although I think it's not done that very much since I went back on gotu kola. The individual strands are getting thinner though, at least the ones that fell out have. The best mass consumption type soy sauce, IMHO, comes from Kikkoman, and they don't put MSG in their range of sauces either. But the best soy sauce I've ever tasted (and sniffed) came from the Spring Garden Restaurant in the Crown Princess, KL. The moment they poured the stuff into the dipping bowls, you could smell the sweet, flowery loveliness of the clear black sauce. Mind, that was a dipping sauce, not a cooking sauce. Kikkoman's Special Fragrance Soy Sauce (Asian Taste) comes close, but the smell has a way of being rather pungent. But they do have that reduced salt stuff, which is helpful for the salt idiots like me.

Finally caught the cold that was doing its round with the family. Echinacea beckons. Drat. Can't have half-boiled eggs when phlegmy, that makes it worse. Was told I misspelled ctulhu, probably misspelled it here too, but that's because I can't spell. Microsoft Word is my savior.

Played many hours of Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn. Should be writing, actually, did finish completely rewriting the prologue of Flawed, then realized it was horrible. Gar. Gar! Am now contemplating if it's still really worth editing the Flawed Prophets again. Is it really worth the trouble? Do I really have a vision to share with the rest of the world that requires so much pain and happens to be such an awful piece of writing too? Don't know yet. Just don't know.

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