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Spinach Pizza

Discovered my new favorite pizza flavor: Spinach! And then discovered that Dr. Oetker makes the finest Pizza Spinaci yet. Warmed up a frozen spinach pizza treat for the boy and me, basically because the brat needed a morning meal before fasting, and gave me a good yelling too, when I pointed out he didn't need a whole dinner plate to eat an itsy bitsy love letter, and that his "rinsing" of a cereal bowl and spoon should mean the bowl and spoon don't still end up in the sink after. Since Spinach Pizza lacks the all important mushrooms (what? a pizza with no mushrooms? despicable!), I decided to shred my own on top. Used up all the buttons already, so used the Endoki. Never tried adding endoki mushrooms to pizza before, therefore knew an experiment was in order. mokie would point out I can't leave quickly prepared instant meals well alone.

Endoki ended up absorbing some of the cheese salt, thereby being quite indistinguishable from the rest of the pizza. Does add an element of coolness, though. Spinach and endoki pizza. The pizza proper came out of the oven with just the right hint of garlic, spinach and some lovely cheese that's a combo of mozarella and edam. All warm garlicky cheesy yumminess. Mmm.


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Nov. 23rd, 2002 03:41 pm (UTC)
I loooooove spinach-mushroom pizza! We had it here about a week and a half ago. Damn good stuff. I tried one once that also had chicken on it. Twas good but I like the pizza better without the chicken. :o)
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