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Still reeling from the flattening cuteness of Hamtaro. Realized that Bijou's head is so much rounder than the other Ham-Hams because she has pigtails, and that must draw the fur away from the sides of her head. And Boss is about as cute as bellybutton fuzz. I don't know what Ritsuko Kawai was thinking of here. Boss is simply not conceivably cute, either as a hamster or a furry animal. So there's a chink in our plan to rule the world.

Does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of the Twirling Whirling Song (Sandy & Stan's Ribbon Song)?

Watching Hamtaro makes me wish I had fuzzy hamsters to pick up and snuffle on a daily basis. Today's episode was about Hamtaro kept Laura up late by running in his wheel. Maxwell scolded Hamtaro for not looking after his human properly, since humans need at least 8 hours of sleep all day to "be productive." Then Hamtaro was scolded again when Maxwell found out Laura skipped breakfast to get to school on time, since humans need breakfasts. Now, if I had hamsters who thought like that when I still had hamsters, instead of the evil little monsters who kept banging their cage doors and squeaking mightily in their wheels at ungodly hours, I might have had about 4-5 years of good sleep. I want my hamsters back.


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Nov. 1st, 2002 09:33 am (UTC)
You're just saying that cos he looks like me...
Nov. 1st, 2002 09:34 am (UTC)
Re: BAH!!!
Fuzzy navel and all.
Nov. 1st, 2002 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: BAH!!!
Heeeeeeh. Hmm. He does look a little like you, doesn't he? Agh.
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