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Hungry hungry hungry. Rotiboy Mexican Buns addictive. Must...eat...Rotiboy Buns. Crack added in topping, must have. And coffee powder. No explanation, otherwise. Always hungry at 2am for protein. Eggs. Half-boiled eggs, must have. Can't have. Only three eggs left, maybe needed for family's breakfast tomorrow. Chicken. What chicken? Where chicken? No chickens. Never craved beef. Never really liked beef. Ostriches good. Beef bad. Ostriches expensive, heh. Mushrooms, must have mushrooms. Mushroom soup? With croutons. Seaweed tofu. QS/QF brand frozen seaweed tofu. None of that fresh in chilled goods section seaweed tofu. Frozen seaweed tofu smooth and silky and tasty. Sesame seed and peanut snacks. Addictive, salty. Salt bad. Hair devastated. No, no, no. Must have soy sauce on eggs.


While waiting at the bus stand tonight, I saw a lady hurrying past me across the street, carrying this massive bouquet. The kind that costs RM120 (USD 60) and only lasts two weeks or so. It just struck me as interesting. Then, two guys who dress like apprentice cooks at a Chinese restaurant somewhere stopped at my stop to wait for a bus too. That's the second time I've seen them, usually around the same time at night too, and they're always sent to the stop by a friend driving a Kancil. They hit on a girl sitting next to me the last time. Tonight, they talked about me for a bit, then I guess they rejected me for some reason. They were talking in Cantonese, and I wasn't really paying attention. Waited a good long time for a bus. All the ones that passed me by, and there must've been 5 of them, were Metro buses. Metro buses are usually refurbished tour buses, very big, very old, very smoggy. Filthy, with cockroaches. I was grabbed in a Metro bus before, on top of the buses being messy and dark and smelly and laced with loud Hindi pop. So, waited past 5 buses, finally hit a City Liner bus (nice, clean, good bus).

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