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The cook and the hunting cat

Made cheesecake for the first time on Friday. The process was remarkably easy, something mokie mentioned a long, long time ago. Unpacking the butter and cheese was a fascinating process for Dorian.

Butter! Let me lick the stick of butter! I wish to gnaw it and run away with it and lick it like the stick of butter that it is!

Comparatively speaking, crushing up crackers for the base got far less attention, until I brought out the melted butter.

Butter! It has a liquid form! Does it still taste like butter? I need to find out!

I used purely honey instead of sugar in the cake, resulting in a smooth, delicate sweetness. Not too sugary. I also substituted half the cream cheese for yoghurt and extra lemon juice, so there's a good taste of actual cheese and dairy, without being too rich. My first slice was served with a cherry-sake reduction, and fresh Rainier cherries. That drove up the sweetness quotient somewhat, although there was honey in the reduction. I might try straight up cherry juice and sake next time, or just the fresh cherries. This was the first time I've had Rainier cherries -- found them at our local grocerer, and they are delicious. Like wee peaches, softly sweet and quite gentle, not nearly as robust as Bings. When eaten alone, my cheesecake is everything I miss about cheesecake.

I do have to work on my cake crust. I buttered together some leftover ginger snap crumbs and unbaked crumbly bits I'd frozen off a very dry cookie dough. The crust is nice, but a little hard on the knives to cut through. I don't have a cake knife, and since all the cakes I've made before are very soft cakes, I've never needed one. My solution thus far has been to run my cake with a pizza cutter (needs to be sharpened), then carefully try to lift whole pieces by nudging and slightly cracking the pieces of crust away from each other. I also overbaked the cheesecake, not trusting my instincts to take it out when I thought it was done about 10 minutes before my timer went off.

Dorian got cream cheese and butter wrappers to lick, and bonus mac and cheese from my dinner plate. A little bribery goes a long way with Dorian. After an evening of helping me bake (and eat things), he spent an age kneading my arms into a soft, velvety purr. Sif, oddly enough, has not yet figured out I have cheesecake. She's usually very fond of the pastries and cakes. I wouldn't wave it around under her nose, but I wonder.


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Jul. 6th, 2013 11:11 pm (UTC)
*drools into tea*
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