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Buttery pastry beast

This is the song that I have made up while eating my baklava at tea, as Dorian watches jealously from a corner of the dining table. My walking adventure today was to circle aimlessly around the perimeter of SF General until I wandered into a corner store acrss the street, where I found a hitherto unknown brand of artisanal pomegranate-hibiscus ginger ale (best I can tell, it is simply Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost) and got a piece of baklava. I was looking for what the UPS Drop-box Locator clearly said was a drop-box right there. After asking at the store, it turned out to be hidden in one of SF Gen's lobbies. Upon arrival, I realised the package I had was just too big for the drop-box flap. This means I will have to walk about seven blocks tomorrow to find the nearest UPS counter. I came home hoping for a cup of tea and an enjoyable slice of baklava, but Dorian found the baklava while I was making said tea, running off with half the nicest, pistachio topped bits. I feed the little rogue. I know he can't be that hungry.

Tomato and lemon balms have been yanked out of the earth and mulched. Lemon balm leaves await the roasting of garlic cloves for pesto. I'm hoping to integrate the final product in masa dumplings for our dinner. I fully expect the wee boy will try to help with that too. He has an unholy love of butter, creams and flour-based products of all kinds second to my own. Wandered into Chinatown last week and came home with a reasonably-sized bag of baked goods. Chinatown bakeries are ridiculously cheap. The place I accidentally stumbled upon (because with my sense of direction, almost everything is accidentally stumbled upon) is called the AA Bakery, and was appropriately piled high with Cantonese-style pastries. Since I had never eaten there before, I took the conservative route: two egg custard tarts, a polo pau (pineapple bun -- named for the pattern on top; I highly doubt this cake-batter crusted, butter-slathered bun actually involves pineapple) and a little log of Japanese-style cheesecake. All turned out to be most delicious. Dorian approved, and Sif offered to lick the cheesecake paper cup clean. I made the right choice going into a store that was loud with people.

Next week, I hope to stop by Chinatown again for fishball paste, exotic greenery and more buttery pastry.


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Dec. 5th, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
baklava... I like it when it's done well and not disgustingly sweet. As usual, I wish you were here. There's a Syrian chef here who makes amazing baklava.
Dec. 5th, 2012 02:56 pm (UTC)
Mmmm. Baklava. I do find a lot of baklava terrifyingly sweet as well, but this is true of most Middle Eastern/Indian sweets. At least with Indian food, I was once told the sweetness was designed to close your appetite at the end of a meal. When I can make it to a Middle Eastern market, I often buy baklava by the sweet, expensive box. I now harbour ideas about mail ordering it, which is ironically cheaper.

I think I've heard about the Syrian chef through your blog posts. I vaguely recall a delicious cheese dessert with orange blossom sauce...
Dec. 5th, 2012 04:01 pm (UTC)
yes! same chef. he also makes his baklava with orange blossom water. :9
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