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Buttery crumbly goodness

Thanks to 1491, I discovered that the buttery crumbs impregnated with smoked meat which came with our Brazillian rice meal was really farofa, or toasted cassava crumbs. It was remarkably simple yet delicious. I used it (without knowing what it was) as a condiment on top of the rice (lined with a deliciously meaty bean gravy), and it was good enough to eat just like that with steamed vegetables. I still get cravings for rice, veggies and farofa. I bought manioc flour (farinha de mandioca) from the local grocer, and want to try making farofa with chopped turkey bacon, garden herbs and black olives. This may be made a lot faster than my long term dream of making furikake, more so since I have to have a successful shiso leaf planting first!

Much belated gratitude goes out to cr0wgrrl and kn1ghtshade for ensuring Dorian did not go feral and Sif stayed light and fluffy while we were away. The cats have primarily returned to normal. After a few days of insisting on putting us to bed and sitting on us to ensure we stayed there, Sif has resumed ignoring us at night for a long nap on the couch. It is clear she still expects love and attention whenever she pleases, however, oft accompanied by loud and insistent wailing throughout the late afternoon. Dorian has taken over bedtime cat duties, fulfilling a long cherished dream of ours. This newfound affection from the grey creature is quite welcomed, even if it means I am effectively exiled to about twelve inches of the bed, mostly dangling over the side. When Sif does deign to put us to bed, I am usually very carefully tucked in before getting the choice of a large and determined hat, or a pleasantly soft foot warmer.

My mooncakes arrived on Tuesday, apparently fresh from the bakery. Having grown up on firm, practically nian kou-texture mooncakes with lots of preservatives, it's still an unusual pleasure to cut into soft, slightly wibbly cakes with tender, flaky pastry and almost custard-like paste filling. Even the salted egg yolk is not too salty, with a very eggy taste and melt in your mouth crumbliness. As I told countlibras, it seems like the mooncakes this year are a lot softer than last year. At least, the batch I got was. The lotus paste mooncake holds its shape a lot better when everything is fresh and tender than the melon paste version. The melon paste is super sticky and gelatinous. It's quite a different experience! Seems a lot sweeter than lotus paste, but this is probably because lotus seeds have a natural bitterness to them that tempers the huge amounts of sugar. Candied melon pieces can be used in themselves as a sweetener, so the paste is only tempered by the salty egg yolk. Kind of like having a really soft, fruit-flavoured jelly filling, really.

Also, there is now a chai cart (literally, The Chai Cart) out in front of Wo Hing General Store. Manned by a really nice gentleman with tats and piercings, it offers authentic, high quality chai that is so richly spiced, it doesn't need a sweetener. Prices are on par with what you'd pay for a similar, Torani-addled beverage at the local cafes, except these guys use real whole spice pieces in their tea. I bought a cannister of their spice mix, I was really impressed with the flavour. Lots of cardamom, just enough cloves, and the use of white and black pepper gives the tea an edge. Drinking it is both comforting and makes me feel so hip. I'm not hip. I work in my pajamas and talk to my cats all day. It's that good.


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Sep. 8th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
"a large and determined hat"


Sep. 8th, 2012 05:44 pm (UTC)
speaking of shiso, I just mailed them today. :)
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