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Home now

Last day at Elmore. We both went down to the dock in the morning, while the crickets were still chirping, but all the fish were hiding in their secret crags. On the way back, we stopped by the Wayside Restaurant for some of the best French toast I'd ever had. The bread was yeasty and soft, just slightly chewy. Lots of maple syrup. I can finally see how one might eat maple syrup on bread, bacon and sausage patties.

Seth and I drove to Montpelier one afternoon, so I could hear his narratives on places he remembered from his childhood. I love listening to Seth's tours of places. He makes places come alive through the characters that live there, even if that character is himself. It was a sweltering day, but we still had fun escaping into a bookstore, picking up titles we'd like to read, then realising carrying home all the titles we'd like to read would be nearly impossible. We had a nice sit down lunch. My risotto was a touch undercooked, his hanger steak sandwich was perfect -- amazing bread, excellent sear on the beef and perfect caramelised onions. Lightly charred bottoms, golden brown throughout.

When we got back to our in-law's place, Jerry the cat-in-law was home. It was deeply comforting to have the company of a cat. He is an affectionate, social creature, who enjoys having his head scritched and bumping foreheads. I will miss bumping foreheads with him. My cats don't quite do that. This morning, Seth and I both spontaneously got up and couldn't go back to sleep at 6:30AM. I wandered out to get a drink, and Jerry was lying in wait outside our door. After I let him in, he napped between us, which helped calm us both down.

Tonight, we go home to our cats. I miss the marshmallow waiting patiently in the living room doorway, and the little gray head peering over the rim to make sure we are the right humans returning home. It will be the best thing ever.


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Aug. 26th, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
Awwwwww! Now I want cats to greet me when I come home!
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