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A Little Late, But Maybe Not Too Late

It has been those kinds of weeks out here, but I wanted to say that my poem, 14:46, is up at Chizine. Chizine's been around since before I first started writing, I'm fairly certain they've been around well over a decade now. It's still a great venue for dark fiction and poetry, and I'm really glad I'm back there.

They are having a donation drive at the moment to get the magazine back to full steam after a hiatus. Every little bit of spare change helps! Apart from direct tipping at the site, I also recommend checking out some of the great reads at ChiZine Publications, the book-publishing arm that sprung from the magazine. They have ebook (in a variety of popular formats) and printed versions of their titles, so you'll have access to a nice bit of dark lit whatever your preferred mode of reading.