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Waking Up the Senses

Woke up from a long nap to a pleasant half hour of dusk. Over the sounds of the community basketball court across the road, I heard a song I thought should be familiar -- it was -- Unchained Melody, in Spanish, blaring out of a neighbour's window. I could feel and see, though not hear, the breeze rustling the wisteria outside. The landlady was very drunk tonight. Over the course of 3 hours, as I drifted in and out of sleep, I heard her screaming at her husband. The last we could tell, it was an altercation over the landlord leaving his records on the floor.

Today was relatively quiet. We had a pleasant brunch at Nombe with aerinys and her guy. Lots of talking about MMOs over their excellent grilled black code and Japanese inn-style breakfasts, and my vegetable donburi. Seth, whose tummy is in bad straits, still managed a tasty miso soup and a large, colourful salad. We'd have loved to show them around the Mission for coffee and comix, but Seth was in pretty nasty amounts of pain that just got worse as the day progressed. The doctor seemed to think it was to do with fatty foods, and so cooking at home has been interesting lately, as I experiment with all manner of steamed and boiled dishes. I don't think we actually eat that much greasy items at home. For a start, after making our house smell like fish for a year the last time I tried shallow frying anything in here, I've really not done any heavy frying at all. That said, I think we have been playing a little too fast and loose with fried items these past two months. And if we'd already not been great about fried foods for a while, I can see how it might affect him to suddenly have more than usual, especially with work stress catching up.

The last week and a half has been brutal. After three weeks of reasonably free weekends, albeit at the cost of a few evenings working on work days, I wound up working 9AM - 12AM shifts through last weekend, and up to this Wednesday. There's been no time to write. It's a little hard to when it takes effort just not to snap on everyone around me. With any luck, it may chill out a little next week, I don't really know. I'd like to finish Finches by my birthday. That may no longer be likely. I have to rewrite at least two sections in a completely different POV, from scratch. There's just so many things in the way. I think a lot about writing as I read a lot more between what hour I have prior to sleep, but as it does in the run up to any of my birthdays, I am hit with a great deal of futility about my work. Seeing any sort of future about my writing right now is difficult.

The robot maid is now fully integrated into our life. It chased the cat out from under the sofa the first time it started up. She now immediately takes up position on the bed when she sees me picking stuff off the floor. I like how maneuverable it is, and how tightly it rounds corners. It's not a cure all, and I still have to sweep things out from under places it can't reach, but the house feels a lot cleaner having a vacuum cleaner working on it more frequently. Since I no longer have to devote a lot of time vacuuming under furniture just to upkeep the place, that's a lot more time I can spare for work, for example, when I have to prepare the house pre-game.

Cooking experiments have gone into baking. Tried a recipe for shortbread, which I continue to mispronounce as "scotchbread". I'm not sure why, I do believe scotch bread is actual bread, instead of a buttery sugary cookie. The oven very nearly singed the first batch. Decreasing two minutes off the printed cooking time got cookies of around the right consistency, and turning some into jam tarts helped add moisture. The husband thinks it lacks the appropriate amount of Scottish persons, that is why it is too dry. Personally, I can't stop eating my cookies, and fully intend to bake more.

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