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Aug. 13th, 2010

I bought myself a robot vacuum cleaner. I've wanted one for years, and though I originally thought of getting a Roomba, a chance friend's comment on Facebook pointed me in the direction of the Neato XV-11. It seemed a little more energy efficient, and I liked the idea that it laser maps rooms to memory and tries to move in relatively straight rows. Unfortunately, Neato Robotics appears to be buried under a backlog of pre-orders, and every ETA thus far on shipments has been moved up since pre-orders opened in July, at least. Their Facebook page actually states that they're trying to work stuff out so everyone gets their pre-ordered bot by the end of August, which is right around the time I expected it to arrive. Fingers crossed.

With the cat making our floor look like she exploded in different parts of the house, and the standing vacuum being horrible for my ears when I have to crawl under furniture with it, having a vacuum cleaner that can reach under the bed will be handy. I don't have the time to vacuum the place as much as I'd want. And, y'know, I used to complain when I had to vacuum a house built for four people, so this comfy little hermitage shouldn't be so bad, but it's going to be a nice treat to have something automated for the job.

I've finally negotiated some space from work, in that I am, with some luck, going to have weekends free from now on. Last weekend was my first set free. I spent most of it sick, it's what happens when your body has no time to rest -- things catch up when you can. More than that, I was largely twitchy, couldn't quite figure out what to do with myself, which was driving the spouse up the wall. I'd like to be able to write this weekend, but every attempt I've made to write this week has been a dead end. I can't relax enough after work on weekdays, and it's not really as though work let up just because I have weekends back. My project manager pointed out a Chinese saying that somewhat translates to, "People who have the talent for work should work harder," two weeks ago. I don't know if I'm that person anymore.

There's this street food vendor called the Ninja Pie Cart that's happening right now at Mission: Comics and Art. We walked over to check it out, but there's a show with Bay Area artists going on inside as well, and people are spilling onto the streets. Since neither one of us was expecting quite that much people, we turned around and went back home. Didn't see the pie cart anywhere, but there was just that many people. Ninja Pie Cart though -- it's like two of my favourite things rolled together. I might head in again tomorrow to check out the art installations and pick up comics. Honey too, if HMS Beekeeper is open. HMS Beekeeper's opening hours have been really sporadic lately. The shop itself is closing down within the month, which is deeply, horribly sad. Apparently rents have gone up in the area, and the proprietor was unable to match it. I liked having a place nearby with local honey. Especially since I spent most of late spring/early summer being allergic to every new blooming tree in the neighbourhood, being able to eat local pollen felt helpful.


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Aug. 14th, 2010 01:49 pm (UTC)
"the cat making our floor look like she exploded"

I like that phrase, and must use it often now.
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