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Hog & Rocks

Just got back from Hog & Rocks, another very recently opened foodery close to home. We passed it completely by accident, on the way home from hauling a recently purchased Satsuma-style lamp off the Castro. It's cool. Originally thought the "rocks" was some kind of drinking reference. Instead, the specialty of the house is in fact a variety of cured hams and oysters. They have an interesting menu outside of that too, plus a fairly large collection of drinks. Seth started out with a Presbyterian -- some lovely thing of whiskey and something soda-ey and then something citrusy on top. I ordered a Hurricane, partly because some of the proceeds from that go towards the Gulf oil spill, and also because it sounded tasty. I also expected it to be roughly the size of Seth's cocktail. For $9, I got a glass double the size of his, with an umbrella on top. Tasted like lemon syrup poured into even more lemon, with a vaguely sweet and alcoholic thing somewhere (menu said it was rum, but this was really pucker). I liked it, and was infinitely grateful for the massive amounts of crushed ice they threw in there, because the concentrate would have given me a lemon face all evening and flavour my tastebuds like some kind of over-limed tom yum.

We started with a crab and artichoke dip, plus a rather tasty sourdough-like bread. I didn't taste artichoke, but there was an incredible amount of Dunganess in a cream sauce, with bite-sized crunches of celery. The waitress kindly refurbished our bread when we ran out about halfway through the jar of dip. I'd have loved to try the duck liver pate, and Seth would have liked to try the oysters. Alas, those were directions where our tastes didn't converge. By way of Yelping, I'd heard the fish and chips at this place was really good, so I got that, while the spouse got a lovely salad of many cured meats, lettuces and beans. Fish and chips was good, on par with my mother's fish and chips. My ma can outcook your ma, and I'm not even kidding about that. I spent a good number of my formative years eating fish and chips too, as one of my favourite food groups. Fish was perfectly flaky, lightly battered to a crisp (not hard like concrete, which bad fish and chips can achieve). Served with vinegar, lemon juice and a dressing with lots of cilantro and thousand island sauce in it. The three things we ordered were more than enough to get us just filled, not bloated. They weren't quite ready with the desserts yet when we finished, but if we go back, I might try some.

Going to add that the waiters here were awesome. V. friendly, v. excited to be there and tell us about the food. The service was great, they made us feel very much welcomed. Yelp warned in advance that this place is loud, and this too is true. All it took was one guy next to us to raise his voice, and everyone had to sort of yell at each other to be heard after that. I would totally want to avoid coming in at peak hours for this reason. (We got there slightly after they opened for dinner.)

Now I have a nifty desk lamp what needs installing on our desks. Tomorrow, I'd like to go visit a furniture store that happens to be on sale we passed while walking down Valencia. $199 for bookcases, which we need, and they had dressers of that same price range that actually look like they could fit up our narrow stairway. I also had a small revelation about one way to get past our problem of too many books and too little space, using the utterly cool bronze dragon and Buddha birthday presents Seth got from his sister (if you're reading this -- hello!). We're still buying books, each time cringing at how to put them away. If this works out, we'll have juuuuust enough space for all our current books, then we get entombed in them.


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Jul. 19th, 2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
I love it when you talk food. ^_~

Jul. 19th, 2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
Hey, glad you like it. :)
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