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So, work has been after me like a zombie to a shotgun this last week, and I expect it to continue till around mid-month. Tomorrow, I will head to the Borderlands cafe for the Morbid Curiosity Art Show. Fine art pieces from the late magazine and more recent anthology, which features my essay about being exorcised as a teenager, will be available for sale at Borderlands from June 4. This will probably also be what's left of my ability to socialize until the end of the month -- work is that bad.

In preparation for the work explosion this week, I made kimchee, explicitly so I would have something interesting to peer at that wasn't another eleven pages of how why credit cards are good for you. I tried using a cooked sauce recipe instead of an all raw mix. The premise is exactly the same as pickling any other way. It's just that the pickling solution is simmered and thickened with rice flour as you would the gravy for a stir fried dish beforehand. Because I felt the kimchee was unusually pale, I added a few drops of chilli oil to one jar as an experiment.

On day two, it became apparent both kimchee jars were fermenting nicely. The 'plain' kimchee had a delightfully sour, fish sauce perfume. The hotter kimchee, which was a pale red, was fizzing up like an alka seltzer. Suffice to say it was, very, very pungent -- toe-tinglingly so. For dinner tonight, I decided to extract the hotter kimchee for use in Korean kimchee pancakes. Because I had tapioca flour lying around, I decided to use some in the mix. This results in a more chewy, gooey pancake, which is particularly good for partially shallow fried oyster pancakes, but no way was I attempting those lovelies in this apartment. I'd be scrubbing the scent of greasy spoon off my ceiling for months. Instead, I made pan fried pancakes with the batter moistened by the fermented juices of pickling kimchee, not at all bad, but possibly just a bit too chewy this time around.

Because he's a dear, Seth went out and got me three kinds of artisanal sodas to have with dinner: Americana's root beer, honey lime ginger beer and black cherry soda. Having the root beer, which tastes really good. The best way to describe it is that this is what root beer should taste like. When I have had time to sit down for something, usually only at dinner, we've watched Banner of the Stars, a painfully slow SF show that's in the spirit of Star Trek with strong hints of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, and space elves. The characters are fun though, even if it can get slightly pretentious.

I originally intended to finish Finches by the end of May, but that was not to be. I'm still hoping I can somehow get it done by the third week of June, though that remains to be seen.


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Jun. 4th, 2010 12:31 pm (UTC)
I like your updates. They make me want to try things.
Jun. 4th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
>>I'd be scrubbing the scent of greasy spoon off my ceiling for months

yes, now that summer is here, I am tempted to take my electric skillet outside to do the kind of cooking that I would never want for my apartment to smell like.
Jun. 4th, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
Wished I had more courage to do deep frying. It's just so much oil.
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