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Not Tea! But Just as Good!

First up, it's probably a good thing that my favourite Sads song plays right as I'm writing this. Love them guitars. Never was able to figure out a thing they were saying in this song except, "Yes, porno star!", but that's probably the whole point.

This post has nothing to do with either porn or tea. What I did mean to say was that the first story I ever wrote in the Finches universe is finally seeing publication. Its new home is, appropriately enough, an anthology of poetry and fiction celebrating 150 years of The Origin of Species and Charles Darwin called Tangled Bank -- coming out in December 28, 2009.

It's been four years since I started scribbling on that story after a creative writing class on building characters with Professor Dibble, as seen from the perspective of evolutionary theory. And four years on, I'm still writing stories based around the idea. The original "Finches" has seen a lot of looking for a publisher since then. It's the hardest story from the series, too weird for lots of places, too open-ended for lots more places, and particularly close to my heart because it's given me a lot of hope, for my writing, and by extension, the hope to finish what the story began.

Finally knowing I'll get to see it print makes me happy, and it makes me feel vindicated for believing this tale would work out.