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Oct. 31st, 2009

Went for a walk on Mission & Valencia, explicitly to look at the becostumed folk. Saw a family of pirates, two moms and their peg-legged tot between them crossing the street. It was absolutely adorable. Passed by a bondage nun in shades complete with her own choral music hidden somewhere on her costume. Good Vibrations was festooned with devils and angels. Next year, we think we should get a pumpkin. It will be the one time of the year I'll actually have pumpkin in the house, and a lantern sounds like a great idea.

Stopped by Mission: Comics and Art this afternoon to pick up my copy of House of Secrets: Foundation, which Leef, the proprietor, kindly ordered for me two weeks ago. Seth got a whole stack of a series called 52. I'm told the next volume of Mouse Guard might be coming out in paperback, which would be great. I do quite want it. Leef has a pretty awesome establishment going. Lots of series I'd like to read, mostly along the darkly surreal bent. It's nice being in this neighbourhood.

There is sickness and there is work in my life. Halloween is the end of October, and October has never been a good month for me. Every October that passes is another year my writing has gone nowhere. But October, as a month, began improving significantly since last year, the happiest October of my life. From a personal standpoint, I am now happier and more satisfied than I've ever been. I feel like I've achieved a lot as a person. The writing will hang over my head though. It always does.

My birthday was books, honey and a nice dinner, and wonderful creme brulee at Garcon. When the waiter found out I was celebrating, I got a candle in my custard. The very lovely husband and delectable plushie cat both ensured that day went quietly and in a relaxed manner, as is appropriate.

These was also the reading at Borderlands, which I have not yet written about but should. I had intended to attend a large number of the Morbid Curiosity events this month, and quite failed to. I will be attending the reading on November 7 at Pegasus Books in Berkeley, where I may give this reading thing another go myself. At any rate, please look out for me? I'll likely have to trim down The Bomoh if I am reading. When I read at Borderlands, the story clocked in at 20 minutes. I can already see places where my editorial cleaver will be most pleased to deliver.

But for now, there is curling up with Poe and the cat to warm my toes.

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