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I was on the Radio!

Work has been beating me over the head with a chair these last couple of days, so I couldn't post about this sooner, but I was on the radio for the first time last Wednesday. The DJ was Mister Odom, and I was there at the invitation of Loren Rhoads (morbidloren), who was talking about Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues, and Darren McKeeman (tjcrowley), whom I was meeting in real life for the first time. Loren read "Why", the first story in the book -- about the very peculiar things people would collect. Darren talked about dressing as a goth clown and getting held up at gunpoint. I basically called my story boring on air, because I'm dorky. But I got to read a public service announcement about a rat shelter!

scanner_darkly showed up right before we went on air, although work was made of hate for him too. It made me smile and smile.

You can listen to what we were up to at Pirate Cat Radio's site, on this podcast: http://www.piratecat.dreamhosters.com/podcasts/MisterOdom/MisterOdom-20090930.mp3