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As heard from mousoucarnivalraia, who heard it from the MUCC fan site, there's a 20th anniversary tribute album coming out for The Yellow Monkey on December 9, 2009. I'm tentatively excited about this, which is to say I honestly haven't heard 3/4ths of the people on this album before, but I like the idea of folks picking up some of the songs I really loved from this band and reinterpreting it. If nothing else, I'd get to hear songs I'm familiar with in a new light. That in itself has often worked out.

I am excited about hearing one song in particular, which is The Back Horn's interpretation of Kyuukon. This is very much one of my favourite Yellow Monkey songs in existence. And if there was ever a band I suspected who could capture just how cathartic this song is, framing it in their own words, it would be them. I wonder if they would make it faster? Will there be things crashing and people screaming and quiet little things like dropping pins at the end? I would get this album, just to hear what they have to say about that.

The one other name other than Triceratops that I recognise at all that will be appearing on the tribute is MUCC -- another one of those surprising choices that make me wriggle my eyebrows -- and they're doing Tsuioku no Mermaid. I can kind of see it, and then again, I kind of wish I couldn't. It's a deeply amusing song to listen to, and another one of those that I'm quite fond of. A long time ago, it used to cheer me up when I felt really stuck in things. Perhaps, my reservations are all coming out of some closed-minded fan portion of my brain. I have definitely been surprised by these items of tribute before.

I'm a little surprised all of one song from SICKS made it onto the tribute. I am biased -- I consider that album a pretty definitive idea of the TYM sound at their peak, and Rakuen does seem to be a favourite, but it's just a little weird that something like TV no Singer wasn't picked instead. On the bright side, Suck of Life and Welcome to My Doghouse are making an appearance. Both are big band anthems. I would have been quite sad if Welcome to My Doghouse hadn't made it. Suck of Life is lots of fun, but there's something that makes me laugh out loud and find creepy and wonderful about Lovin howling his head off in the former, something on the shiny side of awesome about Heesey getting his deep and low moment before Emma tears in -- nothing that makes me smile wider about their music than knowing this is the song that's about to come on, because Annie's drums' just started up and it's the most arresting thing I've ever heard.

I'm looking forward to it. I have my reservations, but I really want to see it happen.


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Sep. 17th, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
I would have preferred listening to this tribute album before buying it... but I want the first press, so I'm buying it anyway XD

If Yoshii-san is ok with this work (and I really think he is ok, since many of the featured artists are his friends, some are close friends and once one member of MUCC had an interview with him ^^) then it should be a good album :)
Surely songs won't have that unique sound that makes you shiver in pleasure, but they should be ok anyway :)

I can't wait to hear Agata Morio's version of 4000粒の恋の唄. That's one of my fave songs and he's one of Yoshii-san's fave artists, so I really want to hear it XD

I have to say that...
I'm VERY happy nobody touched Romantist Taste (the song, not me XD) and 悲しきASIAN BOY.
Those are too special songs to be played by anybody who's not Yoshii-san or his mates.
And maybe Yoshii-san thinks the same, since he didn't let anybody else play them :D
Sep. 17th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
Whoa, hello! :)

I'm sort of happy they didn't take Tengoku Ryouko. That's my extra special favourite, and I just really can't imagine anyone else doing that song except the original band.

I didn't know a member of MUCC had an interview with Yoshii-san! It would be much cooler if friends of Yellow Monkey were on this album, instead of random people recommended by their companies. I wasn't sure when I looked at the list of artists involved, but hearing it from you does make me feel better about the whole thing.

I wonder what the first press version comes with?
Sep. 18th, 2009 07:28 am (UTC)
As I go back home from office I'll search that interview, I think I saved it somewhere... there was a short video too. I'll let you know :D
I don't know MUCC members... could there be a guy named Tatsurou? He's the one who had the interview.

Yoshii-san is very fatherly with young artists, every now and then he talks about them and gives advice... and I noticed that many young artists like him but usually they don't tell (o.o) I don't know why there's this sort of... uhm... "conspiracy of silence"? XD
Actually Yoshii-san didn't tell openly, but suggested that he would like to be named sometimes... (>ω<)

The online shop says nothing about the first press extra, I'll search for some info! Usually it's just the digipack... (^^;
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