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Made chik kut teh last night. Had a pot of chicken stock prepared early in the day, threw in the herb mix around noon, along with fresh chicken pieces, and let it simmer till the husband came home. Tasted wonderful. scanner_darkly liked his first introduction to Chinese herbal soup, which is great, since I like Chinese herbal soups, and like to make more.

There was a lot of soup, as is often the case. I forgot to throw in things like hardboiled eggs and fried tofu for even more good eating. However, as of noon today, the soup is completely gone, so it wasn't wasted. The only problem with a black soup is that it gets a little hard to pick out the edible herbs and meat from the inky darkness. (Cue my father somewhere complaining his soup is filled with 'woody items'.) I may have to invest in paper tea steeping bags to chuck the herbs in.


Sep. 10th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
Oooh. Japantown! Excuse to get ramen in the same deal. :)

I have a tea ball, but the herbs come in un-tea ball-sized strips of bark and chunks of actual wood. I thought about popping them in my far-too-large bun steaming bag/liner, but got lazy about that, since I'd end up staining my liner bag black.