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Sep. 8th, 2009

There's something very soothing about listening to Figlio Perduto playing in the other room, as I lie on the bed with my head resting against the cat's belly, and she purrs and purrs. Labour Day weekend went by quietly. We had stew with Arkham Horror on Friday. Last week, I made a five spice beef stew and a chicken and lotus root stew lightly spiced with chilli peppers. The husband seemed to have taken a shining to both, and we shall have stew more often from now on.

On Saturday, we went out for coffee and beignets with morbidloren and family. Her daughter was absolutely charming about her beignets, and seemed to really enjoy eating it, a fingertip of sugar at a time. When we got back, our awesome landlord phoned up the AAA for us and we managed to get the car's battery replaced at home. This was followed by an impromptu trip to Japantown for warming, soul-enriching ramen, and an expansion set for Arkham Horror. We thought the ramen might tide us over till a light snack late at night, but even giant bowls of ramen don't last that long. We got pizza at the Escape from New York that opened a few blocks out, and this was admittedly very good pizza, and easily the best pizza I've had since landing in the US. So we had pizza while trying out Innsmouth Horror, which turned out to be as difficult as the rulebook suggested it might be. I still stubbornly believe we might just be able to pull off a game with two people. It's like a hard dungeon. Not an impossible dungeon, just hard. The husband thinks our problem is actually one of needing more players, because sometimes, trying to pull off a dungeon with a party of two instead of the standard party of five is pretty much impossible. It is a puzzling and fascinating problem.

On Sunday, we watched Solaris, a movie Seth described to me as his equivalent of In the Mood for Love (in space). The movie hit both of us pretty hard. I thought it was a very good movie, and a good example of what I tend to think science fiction as a genre should be -- that is, a means of exploring human nature that can't be found through other genres. There were a few moments towards the end I felt could've been edited out, but it was essentially taut. I'd have liked to read the novel, but after hearing Seth's description of his attempt to watch the original Russian version of the movie, of which this is technically a remake, and is apparently very true to the book, I'm admittedly daunted by the potential slowness of it all. We are rather much the same kind of person, Seth and I. Marrying each other hasn't made us any less like ourselves, but it has made dealing with our issues easier. And perhaps the largest reason I liked the movie was that it helped us think about why we appreciate each other the way we do.

Monday saw ants pouring out of our heating vent, first thing in the morning. scanner_darkly dealt with it, sat down at his desk, and had a freak accident with his computer, resulting in sparks, smoke and the smell of burnt electronics. We're hoping his video card, which we believe was the source of the smoke, is salvageable. This may be unlikely. The whole PC was due for an upgrade though, so this might be a thing of sooner rather than later. After breakfast, we trooped over to iamfourninjas's for D&D, and salvaged the rest of the day making new characters that were all a bit odd and somewhat crafted to break our GM's brain. They made my thiefling ranger look normal. While there, we also had great sausages with grilled corn and tasty, tasty new potatoes.

Today, because going back to work blows, we'll be having lovely Chinese herbal soup, and attempt to simultaneously finish the first two Valkyrie Profiles.

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