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Aug. 24th, 2009

Spent the weekend being relatively quiet with the cat, the electronic devices and the husband. We trooped down to San Mateo on Saturday to stare at gaming things. scanner_darkly found and got me the Mouse Guard Role Playing Game, which earned him major husbandly points. I haven't read the comics yet, though I well and truly want to. So far, the RPG manual seems to be setting characters up in a vaguely Red Wall-esque environment. There's lots of skills and roles that sound interesting enough I'd play them -- the Apiarist, for example. I'm not GM material, so running a game with this would be... odd and perplexing. But I'd play a character. (My Inner Seth begs to differ on the GM stuff, but probably because he thinks I'd be the perfect GM to come up with scenarios based around foraging for berries and fighting cats.)

I want dice. Two very specific sets of Chessex dice (pretty! shiny!), and whenever I can afford it, a set of Q-Workshop Dice I'll never be able to read under anything but hard light. I decided though, after all the treats I got during this holiday, I don't deserve an additional present. Seth has hinted strongly I will be dragged to the next gaming convention hereabouts just so I can be tormented by the sight of massive piles of shiny dice, and in that way made to suffer extreme indecisiveness over that perfect pack of dice.

While in San Mateo, we got hungry and Yelped up the closest Asian places to eat. Wound up in this odd little slice of Asianville, with restaurants representing 5 different Asian countries, a massive Asian supermarket that also represented the same countries under one roof, and a Malaysian restaurant. Yelp included reviews from actual Malaysians who flailed about over Langkawi Malaysian Cuisine's rojak, so we ate there. They have good, authentic Malaysian food, the kind I'd expect to find in a Malaysian Chinese family restaurant back home. Their belacan (dried shrimp paste) is extremely good, very pungent and made with high quality prawns. It is however, a good example of an acquired Malaysian taste, as it was that pungent, and filled with enough wok hei (wok flavour) that the husband charmingly described it as akin to, "the flavour of car exhaust". Having said that, their chefs definitely know how to fire up a wok. I got the egg sauce hor fun, which came with smooth flat rice noodles, properly singed by a wok, and a rich, seafood-infused egg sauce on par that's hard to find even in Kuala Lumpur. The noodles even came with a little saucer of sliced pickled green chillies.

We spent a good long time in the supermarket, looking for XO sauce and going slightly mad over different flavours of ramen from various nations and Japanese biscuit snacks. I couldn't find my favourite IndoMee soto flavours, though they had soto noodles from another company I didn't know. By that time, our cart already had enough ramen food to fill up my ramen quota till the end of the year, so there was no sampling of new soto ramen brands. I would go to this market again. Its got a wider variety of Southeast Asian ingredients than 99 Ranch, and was less frantic, even on a Saturday evening. I wanted to get dried scallops, but they only had the expensive giant dried scallops locked away behind glass cases, as opposed to the dinky cheaper small dried scallops I'd use for steamed soups. Sigh. The cashier was really nice, and actually pointed out when I could buy onion biscuits in sets of two for half price.

Finally cleared up all the stuff we packed to Vermont this morning. I've decided my gowns should stay in the suitcases, so they will not get cat hair all over them. The fat princess has been equally possessive of us and a horrible brat the entire weekend. It is hard being the pet of a giant, fluffy pudding who believes, rightly, that squashing your feet in the morning will keep you in bed.


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Aug. 24th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
I'd totally play a game based around foraging for berries and fighting wild cats.
Aug. 24th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
Just last night, I mentioned to Seth, "I wonder how I'm going to convince the Changeling crew to play this..."
Aug. 24th, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
Ah, apparently you've yet to realize that we're gaming sluts. We'll play anything as long as it's fun.
Aug. 24th, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
It's very, very un-Dark, and totally light, fluffy and round. The fiercest things in the entire book (filled with gorgeous illustrations of mice) are these tiny, heroic rodents wielding well-balanced knives.

That said, I'd like to play a rodent with you guys! (Though I'm still not sure who'd volunteer to be GM.)
Aug. 25th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
Is the big Asian grocery you went to in San Mateo on the edge of Foster City? If so, I used to live right next door to it! I highly recommend the pho place in that complex - super yummy.
Aug. 25th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
I'm not too sure, but there is a pho place there that looks super tasty. There's also a Korean BBQ place called Tofu Cabin, of all things, that looks similarly good. And a Chinese bakery, and a sort of not-bad -looking large American Chinese restaurant...
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