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Throwing Out the Mascara with the Mead

mokie: Old English drinking songs = trippy.
hamster: Please spare me? :P
mokie: NEVAR. :D Actually, it's interesting.
mokie: You know Mediaeval Baebes?
hamster: Noooooooooooo?
mokie: A couple of female singers in the goth scene realized they share a fondness for Old English chanty-style songs, and formed a group. It's interesting.
mokie: <-- ignore weird trappings.
hamster: *opening video in question*
hamster: You weren't kidding about the weird trappings, were you?
mokie: Geez, and NOW I find a video of them looking half normal. *facepalm*
hamster: 'Tis what I get for loading a video from something called the Festival of Immortality.
mokie: I was not kidding. seriously, the goth/nu metal kids HAVE to get over this Medieval Saxon vampire look they're going for.
hamster: Nice biiiig drum. I likes the biiiig drum.
hamster: Nice chant music. Very soothing.
mokie: To be fair, these chicks are from the goth music scene. It's variable; sometimes it's "A Distance There Is," sometimes it's...creepy.
hamster: Tell me, dear Mokie. Is this dancing I'm seeing in the first video you sent me, examples of the classic kelpy sway?
mokie: I do believe it is that kelpy sway. I was shocked that one tried to get some clapping going, and was not stoned by the goth audience.
hamster: How do they sing with those fangs in?
mokie: That's what I wonder--I think only a couple had fangs in, and the rest were carrying the majority of the tune.
hamster: They got everyone clapping. That was even weirder.
hamster: I did not know goths clapped at concerts!
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