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Currently aching to load up my copy of Settlers, 10th Anniversary Edition. But write, I really had to, so along came a friend to offer a little text-based gaming to while away my spare brain space...

Cabbit: *digs a little pick-axe, an axe, a scythe and a wheelbarrow out of his pouch* *requests new land to be tamed*
Hamster: OOOOOO! *amused* *plots a square* *declares this the new place to obsessive compulsively grow*
Cabbit: *finds a carrot mine* *plants a little sign declaring presence of carrots*
Hamster: *builds a road from the main hamster sietch to the carrot mine* *sets diggers onto the job of mining*
Cabbit: *secedes* *sets up watchtower and defenders on carrot mines*
Hamster: *waits for worms to devour defenders*
Hamster: *also sets up opposing watchtowers and a fort to shrink Cabbit's land mass as much as possible, and to prevent expansion*
Cabbit: *is very glad to not be playing spice collection games*
Cabbit: *massive cabbiclone hax*
Cabbit: *zerg rushes her towers*
Hamster: *tesla coils and oil bombs everything*
Hamster: *digs own way to carrot mine by the use of jihadist lemmings*
Cabbit: *sad* *laments oily carrot mine full of dead lemmings*
Hamster: *deduces way to create carrot-flavoured salad oil*
Cabbit: Ewwwww!
Hamster: *gains an Age change, and wins by technological innovation*
Cabbit: *points out that seceded cabbitty nation had put cabbits in orbit before starting prospecting*
Cabbit: *begins orbital bombardment*
Hamster: *enjoys carrot-flavoured salad oil with crackers*
Hamster: *starts an industry of carrot-flavoured salad oil*
Hamster: *which starts a secondary industry of mass carrot plantings*
Hamster: *wins either way*
Hamster: *points out that notes after someone declares a win like this are disqualified anyway*
Cabbit: Cabbits is orbit capable critters. By Civ rules a cabbit wins right away.
Hamster: No game has a race that wins before it even begins playing! That defeats the entire purpose of building games!
Cabbit: *so does* *codes the "Cabbits Rock from the Sun" game*
Hamster: *with bombarded carrots, diversifies a new flavour -- Smoked Carrot Salad Oil*
Hamster: *gains another Age change, has still won the game*

PS: Yes, I really did manage to write lots after that.
PS1: Yes, I really do like speaking in third person a lot.
PS2: For the purpose of this discussion, a Cabbit refers to either markfinnCabbit or this little critter from outer space.
PS3: Yes, we have been nuking each other for years.
PSP:: Playing RPGs makes you friends!


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Jul. 12th, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)
You know, that sounded to me like a completely normal IM conversation... and that's got me worried.

Jul. 12th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
All my conversations with Cabbit for the last 10 years have ended up sounding this way. Shouldn't I be even more worried?

*wibbles back*
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