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On Reincarnation

When I die, my body will rot and turn into compost. The compost will feed plants, that will grow towards the sky and release oxygen and moisture for other living things. Eventually, maybe not the first, but later iterations of plants that have grown from this compost will be eaten by animals. These animals will feed larger animals, and more plants, raising generations of other life forms throughout everywhere. Finally, when the planet hurtles into the sun, my dust will scatter with it. It might find home in another corner of the universe, where it becomes part of the same processes that started our solar system. It might become a component part that begins life on another planet. Those tiny, unrecognisable pieces that were once me will go on for eternity, turning into everything and nothing in particular. I think it'll be beautiful and fascinating, and more than a bit amazing, even though I'd not feel or fathom any of it.

I don't need an afterlife where the evil are punished and the good are rewarded. Nor do I need a form of reincarnation that assumes I'll retain my consciousness past my current life. This life and this consciousness I have of my Self, at this time, in this form, is the one chance I have to experience everything in this precise way. It's enough trouble trying to learn and experience all the things I want to in my present form. I think wanting to extend the lifespan of our consciousness to the point of needing an afterlife or wanting more lives to live through is an unfulfillable greed.

I think would like to live for as long as I can though, at least, for as long as I can maintain rational thought. If nothing else, I'd like to learn and think as much as I can, and the longer I can do that, the better. Because that great death that's all nothingness is frankly kind of scary, and if I'm never going to wake up again, well, I'd like to think I tried.
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