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Bookseller of Awesomeness +12

Let me take a moment to praise an online bookstore I have recently had dealings with. Asia Bookroom is a bookstore specialising in titles about "Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East." Their list is huge, varied and fascinating to browse through. It's very easily the kind of store I could get morbidly lost in. What does make me speak well of them though, is their fair policy on shipping costs. Many online bookstores charge far too much for new books, and add on shipping costs that are worth as much as the price of the books in question. AB charges a lump sum of AUS$8.80 for regular packages, whatever the amount of books in the order, and AUS$12.50 for express post, up to about 3kg (more than enough for around 3 paperbacks). Furthermore, their new books are competitively priced. Their prices are on par with and sometimes slightly lower than the prices of the same titles in major Malaysian bookstores, even after converting said prices from Australian Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit.

Yesterday, I ordered a couple of paperbacks from them and opted for express post. Today, I received word that one of the books I wanted was no longer in stock, with the price of this book refunded. Fearing that I would've paid for the remaining book and it's equal price in shipping, I was very happily surprised to discover the refund included half my express postage fee -- so I'm now getting a book I wanted at less the shipping cost, for express postage, than what I would've paid for normal postage.

Therefore, this bookstore is awesome. Please visit them for your cultural book needs. (Their current promotions happen to be an Asian food and cookery book exhibition as well as a Q&A with a translator of the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. Unfortunately, the store is in a completely different state from where I am!)

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