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A Rare Bit of Hamamily Humour

[Hamapapa has bought himself a CD filled with Chinese brush paintings and accompanying poetry for wallpapers. Hamapapa and Hamamama are viewing said CD, with Hamamama translating the poetry.]

Hamamama: This says, "I want to be a tree, if you are the flower blooming on that tree. I want to be the flower, if you are the bee."
Hamapapa: Why not, "I want to be the ant, so that you may step on me."?
Hamamama: "If you are the star, I want to be the sky, so we can be together forever. If you are Hell, I want to be ---"
Hamapapa: "...the demon in Hell."?
Hamamama: Yes!
Hamapapa: Why don't they say, "I want to be the cockroach, so you can swat me with a newspaper..."
Hamp: Dad, it's clear I inherited my imagination from you.

Dad got me illustrated hardcover translations of Hafiz and Omar Khayyam while he was in Iran. Then he went to Persepolis, and got me the guidebook CD. He reported that, "Persepolis is full of decrepit buildings. You'd probably love it." So, when half my family returns from Bangkok, I will get poetry, an old city and tea. This is nearly like getting a to-scale totoro plushie bed, or hamsters before the earth hurtles into the sun. I love my daddy.

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