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Residency, Day 16: Panic & Mayhem

Sat down to write an email this morning and who should come by but Salamah for her Non-Fiction Group meeting. Of course, they'd already arranged all the chairs for Sunday, and it was a general mess everywhere else. The NFG was said to have been cancelled. So Salamah suggested we look at the manuscripts for Finches I and II I'd given her instead, which she had questions about. No sooner had I made her coffee than one of the ladies from NFG turned up. Followed by two more, one after another. Eventually, they did have the NFG meeting on the verandah. I had to humbly decline and feel horrible about it because it is Salamah's group and I feel like I'm snubbing it, but I did have quite a lot of things planned for today, and I wouldn't have minded a natter with Salamah, but writing groups do leave me tired afterwards.

I found out last night it was a rare honour for Santa to be at the KSP. Apparently, he never attends anyone's dinners, not even the ones for the numerous past students of his who've been Residents here. Which makes me warm and happy inside. Then I found out it's his last semester at Curtin, and he plans to retire soon. I will need to see him when I get back. I should probably ask him about it tomorrow, if I can catch him in a free moment.

I asked Chris about two holes in the wall next to my window. I worried they might be termite damage. Chris said they were mice. He'd wondered for a while how mice got in. I have never seen any mice in KSP, but that could be due to the plate of rat poison he leaves on top of the fridge, behind the Doritos.

Made my rounds that evening for the last time. Stood under the jacaranda trees to look up at the bits of blooms, and sat down on the porch to look over the front garden. The back garden still feels more private, and it is a comfort to be there. In the end, I have not done quite very much writing here, which is somewhat dismaying. I made up for it by sitting in on seven writing group sessions and a book launch -- but still, in terms of having to report to the committee later, I will have to report I didn't get much done. It's a grim thought.


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