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Residency, Day 11

Breakfast this morning was dinner from last night. Cheesy rice. With wholegrain mustard scrounged from the fridge. I adore mustard. Mustard + cheese in anything has a way of enhancing the other's flavour.

I usually leave the old section of the house well alone after dark. If anything lives there, I respectfully leave them to themselves. The door into the original front hall has a way of closing in after itself. I went to the archival room this morning to return a box of antiseptic cream and I had the immediate urge to switch on the lights. I kept running back to that odd door to try and keep it open. It turns out there's a cute horse-shaped door stop next to the door, which I didn't have the foresight to use.

There also appears to be two pentagrams drawn into the concrete of the second step leading up to the office. I wonder how they got there. Maybe they're just stars.

Chris the Treasurer said offhand that I was welcome to stay till Sunday, that is to the 21st anniversary of the KSP Centre. I hope no one minds, but I am going to be here until Sunday the 3rd now. Rather good timing too.