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I was choking on my own spittle at the dire and almost unparalleled entrance of the gothic lolita (gosurori) sisters.

I mean, look, it's a good show when the main school bitches happen to be Gosurori Sisters. You can't really beat a threatening kelp dance, can you?

Episode 2 follows Sunako and gang on the first day of high school. The boys have girls lining up dreaming about visiting "paradise", where all four of them live, while Sunako tags along under her trademark ski cap and somehow gothick-er-than-thou uniform. That OP, Slow by Kiyoharu, is starting to grow on me. The opening animated sequences all chopped off from various bits of the first episode in an order that still makes no sense, is not. It'd help if the lyrics actually matched what was going on, but they don't. In fact, the pretty decent acoustic number doesn't even match the pace of the images being thrown about, which is pretty much the best way to describe the animation of this show in general. It's still pretty bad. And still pretty ugly. But the story and voice acting is still worth it.

There's even a judicious bit of male fanservice, and a nosebleed that looks more like someone stuck a knife in our intrepid heroine and left her bleeding on the bathroom floor.

The other thing I ought to mention is that whatever my misgivings about the OP, the in-show music rocks. Literally. It rocks. Really fast VK-type metal tracks that surge in at all the right moments. It works so well, in the show by the mangaka who is a gosurori, who likes VK. I've never seen such a great fit in terms of the entire sound of a show like this, all the way from the voice acting to the tiny bits of soundtrack. If you're into listening to the way the characters themselves work their vocabulary, you'll end up spending ages picking apart everyone's speech style. Apart from the guys and Sunako herself, the Gosurori Sisters use a fascinating polite form that manages to sound really weird -- I wished I could explain it better, but it's politely decadent, and yet the way they say it is very coarse to my ears as well. And speaking of the guys, I'm constantly curious about the slang that Ranmaru uses -- he speaks like a manwhore, which is kind of what we're working with here, but the borrowed English and where it gets used and how it's supposed to sound cool is a lot of fun. It's not broken, it's just the word choice that makes it into slang use.

Tangent: The Gosurori Sisters worship the Black Angel, who for all intents and purposes seems to be same guy from Eko Eko Azarak: The Wizard of Darkness. I'm not entirely sure about my references here, so if someone can help me out, please do.

One of the coolest things about PGE anime may be that we finally get to see Sunako's crazy entrances for real. The chilled air! The sudden fear struck in people's hearts! The bulbs blowing out one. By. One. If I were fifteen again, I'd want to grow up to be this girl. (Actually, I still do.) Even those pickled critters in the Science Lab Sunako likes to talk are cute.

Oh, and not just gosurori, but there are ganguro too! And one of the best sequences from Volume 1 of the manga to be animated -- Sunako-chan's fight with the Noxious Ganguro Gang! This of course forms part of the entire appeal of PGE. Apart from the horror references, evil anti-heroine, wandering VK troupe and mad dialogue, there are fight scenes. Hand-to-hand combat. Violent girls! Sharp weapons! Thoughts of violent death from violent girls! GIANT SCYTHES! *swooons*

At the end of every episode, they have crack lessons on how to be a lady, called, well, "The Path to Being a Lady". Episode 1 was about using moisturizer and toner. Episode 2 was about smiling like a lady. Personally, I'm as mortified as Sunako. The lessons are great though, not just for the added trivia (who wants to go look like a lady? FEH.) but also as great examples of PGE's humour -- the idea is that Sunako is already a perfect person without the need for people to stick their pretensions on her. She doesn't care what she looks like or who she has to look good for, is educated, does know how to look after herself (and the additional four freeloaders) and generally mocks anyone's attempts to turn her into "a girl". And this, apart from all the stuff I've been raving about thus far, is really what makes PGE such a great series for me. The very simple fact that we have what is rare in Asian girl's fiction -- a girl who behaves like a person first. It's a great treat.

Though admittedly, I might be something of the wrong person to have an opinion here...


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