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A Foreigner's View of the River

I suppose, if there ever was a story to accuse me of literary fiction for, it's this one. Not Finches -- it is a horror story, even if it does get buried under the rubble of being awfully quiet. A Foreigner's View pretends to be nothing. I don't know how I want to define it. It's a slow simmer, moving quietly downriver with the occasional corpse. It is hopelessly mild. It would be surreal, if anything about it was really solid, rather than vapid. I'm hoping a bit of psychological trouble and the feeling of stagnant air will miraculously carry this story into the arms of some mild-mannered editor person who might just like it.

I am entirely hopeful, you see.

Title: A Foreigner's View of the River
Word count: 6,668 words
Time since inception: 5 years