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Residency, Day 7

There appears to be a well outside my bedroom window. I'd noticed it for a few days now, but I keep forgetting to check it out. It's a sealed well, partially shaded by that bougainvillea in drag. Had I not sat on the chair beside my window, I wouldn't have noticed the rim of the well poking out from under the leaf fall.

Things I need to do:

1. Verify that it is a well by asking the Treasurer when he does his daily visit.
2. Verify that the lid has been cemented on quite firmly, without cracks, and that under that huge pile of leaves, twigs and branches, there are sacred seals, preferably still legible.

Because damn if I want creepy girls with broken fingernails crawling outside my window in the dead of night. I haven't turned on a single TV or radio since I got here.

After pulling a very long night to finish a couple of jobs I owed, I woke up this morning to the sound of the Writefree group filing in for their meeting. I was meant to go out and join them, and I eventually did, bleary-eyed and a bit sleepy. This has got to be the most organized writing group in the entire KSP. It's so precise, and clockworky. I was horribly impressed. They're having a book launch on Sunday, so most of the meeting went over details for that event. Such a lovely, dear bunch of elderly ladies. I'm up to my ears in lovely old ladies at this place. They invited me to share their morning tea. Morning tea! It was prepared by a really sweet, slightly hunched and awfully nice lady. So I got crackers and onion dip, which I adore (I adore dip), but ended up kind of having all of two crackers because I was polite and mingling. But, lovely group who wrote lovely fiction that was both honest and charming for the personality they showed. It was just sweet watching the dynamics at work, even the "having an elderly moment" jokes.

And of course, when I asked about the house's ghosts, they all turned to each other and started discussing the rumours and not rumours of the house's ghosts for five minutes. It was so quaint! So cute! I'm running out of adjectives to describe little old ladies with!

Got another attendee for my workshop this Saturday. That gives me a head count of about three people. I'd be saved it if was three people -- because I'm a lazy, good-for-nothing rodent who'd much prefer to spend time staring at birds or crickets than at other people.

Just went to the kitchen to grab some tea and ended up talking to the Bahai workman about balance and Nature's wrath. What an amazingly odd place this is. And that wasn't a well, it turned out. Was the entrace to the sewerage tank. Should explain the unusual health of that bougainvillea...



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Nov. 23rd, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
...but we can pretend it's a well, can't we?
Nov. 24th, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)
Er...so long it doesn't rain and stink up...
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