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Residency, Day 2, Part 2

The neighbour just came over to visit with her dog. What lovely people. She wanted to give me her phone number because she heard from one of my moderators that I was going to be alone here at night and told me to give them a ring if things went bump in the night. That was really so sweet to do. Affable elderly people. That's why I like them.

The dog was also very nice. Very gentle. Couldn't catch her name. Huge german shepherd. I adore german shepherds because my granduncle used to breed them. They're really elegant dogs. Such soft ears.

I know our neighbour to the left has at least one tall goose. It was wandering their side of the fence when I went to sit in the garden. Honking quite loudly too. On top of that, they seem to have a doghouse. (I didn't know geese and dogs could co-exist, really. Wished geese weren't so bloody mean -- they do otherwise look really fluffy.) So I won't have to fear anything out there either, it looks like.