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Ouran High School Host Club 21 (Raw)

I'd been wondering why there was a carriage popping out of nowhere last week. Just skimming through, so I can get to the next episode, y'know, the one with swords and people in period swordfighting wear...

Interesting stuff to know about the Yaoi Twins and Haruhi: In class, the boys sit with her between them. Like Episode 20, this episode is narrated by Kaoru. Halloween is coming, which is a day off at school for everyone to goof off and have class parties. Class 1-A are having a dare, where the class will break up into teams to try and scare each other. The loser will be featured in the school newspaper.

At the Host Club, Halloween week is in full gear. (It's an even cheaper excuse than usual for them to cosplay their little hearts out.) Unfortunately, the Twins and Haruhi (voiced by the Twins) excuse themselves from the proceedings to take part in their class's dare. This sets off Tamaki, who wants to protect his "daughter" from getting terrified, and possibly pawing someone other than himself, like say, oh, Hikaru. (Great scott! He has to save her, in that case!) Of course, we also have to get a mental picture of Tamaki's thoughts, third-person RPG-style, featuring Renge as a medusa popping out of the floor to scare Haruhi! Really gotta love this one. Props to BONES for once more coming up with humour out of nowhere. Kaoru makes the observation that even under such circumstances, Tamaki thinks of everyone as a family. (See notes for Episode 20.)

It's still not enough to stop Haruhi from leaving Tamaki, however, much to his despair. Luckily, Nekozawa-senpai (YES! YES!) just happened to be passing by (or maybe because his club takes up the room/dimension/pocket universe next door), arriving just in time to offer his nefarious services. Nekozawa, possessed by Bergenef, wants to give the First Years a Halloween present they won't forget.

The First Years are discussing how they'll split themselves up. Souga pulls Haruhi aside to beg her to join his team. He's terrified of all ghost-related things. The Twins overhear them and force their way onto the same team.

On Halloween Night, the Twins are telling their terrified President the story of the Clock Tower Witch (cute way of squeezing in this tidbit from the manga). A female student once dressed as a witch, went up to the school's clock tower and fell to her doom. Anyone who sees her ghost is cursed. Haruhi tries to stop her teammates from scaring each other, and saves her poor Class President's spirit from prematurely exiting his body by grabbing its tail and shoving it back into him. Souga admits he only signed up for this dare to impress the Vice President, Kurakano. He likes her, she likes scary things, and he's got to do this. The twins are mortified to discover his pure intentions, as this obligates them to help him based on their ties to the Host Club's purpose. (Or maybe they're horrified because they have to help someone?)

A spirit floats in front of the window. A skull falls down the stairs. Hikaru kicks it away, but this is followed shortly by the appearance of a girl with a deformed face. The terrified four run for their lives. Haruhi trips a rope which triggers a trap -- this sticks her and Hikaru in a net. Souga runs into a class, only to meet Mori dressed up as Frankenstein. He runs into another class and finds Honey dressed as the Great Pumpkin. Eventually, he resorts to dashing down the hallway, with Kaoru following at jogging speed. Nekozawa's demented servants leap down from the ceiling and trap them in a classroom. Nekozawa's plot is fully underway. But wait, isn't Kyouya going to join in the festivities?

Kyouya, reading a book by torchlight: "Nope."

Back in the net, Hikaru is freaking out because he can't find his brother. Haruhi is trying to cut their way out with a pair of scissors she keeps in a sewing kit. Hikaru calls on her signs of girliness. Haruhi tells him he's being rude. Hikaru says that Kaoru would be the same, but Haruhi points out his brother, unlike him, is a perfectly normal guy when he's alone. (Go Haruhi!) Haruhi reaches up over his head to cut the ropes, telling him to hang on for a bit and chill. Hikaru, under her, at bust-to-eye level, is doing his best to "hang on for a bit". Well, so much for the yaoi theory. (Cough. Polite cough.)

His Tamakiness is, of course, not far away, shaking in his dress as Nekozawa holds him back from spoiling the plot. Nekozawa is still the coolest goth classmate character evah.

In what appears to be the school's pickling facility (well, I don't entirely know how this translates into Japanese, but the room's signboard does literally say it's a "Burial Faculty's Room"), Kaoru is comforting the terrified Souga. He tells him that the twins were planning to help him get Kurakano by scaring her into his arms. Souga appreciates the thought, but he does think Kurakano is more attracted to Haruhi, which Kaoru helpfully reassures him is highly impossible. Souga is happy as he is though, just admiring Kurakano from afar and enjoying what he has with their current friendship. Kaoru likens this to a carriage, waiting to turn into a pumpkin, much like the Host Club. We get a view of the carriage from the start of this episode, driven by Tamaki with all the Hosts inside. Though they're a happy family now, with their "father" watching over them, it won't last forever.

His observation comes at a good time, for, with Tamaki's own latent insecurities about families and the changes in the twins' perceptions of their selves as individuals, all the Hosts will eventually have to find their own paths. Mori and Honey are already in their third year -- the time of reckoning would be sooner than anyone expects. Kaoru seriously wonders what would happen then.

This is a great episode for Kaoru. Although Hikaru has an immature cool boy factor going for him, Kaoru is still the more mature twin (in spite of being the younger one -- another one of those plays on contradictions with these two). It certainly appears as though Kaoru is better able to survive without his brother rather than the other way around. Their growth into and recognition of themselves as individuals definitely seems to have worked better on him than his sibling. This is rather why I find him more appealing as a character in general as well. Kaoru is simply a nice boy. It will be at least interesting to see what happens to Hikaru, as he tries to deal with being attracted to Haruhi (and my secret hope Tamaki outclasses him -- which isn't actually hard, since he's doing that already).

Hikaru bursts into the room for a tearful reunion with his brother. (Oiiiiii.) Souga asks the obvious, where'd Haruhi run off to? It seems in his desperation to reach his brother, Hikaru completely forgot about her. (Refer to the above about which twin has a better chance of survival alone.) When Haruhi finally catches up with them, Hikaru apologizes for leaving her alone. Kaoru has a look on his face that's pure horror.

At the class party, the rest of their class have been wondering where they ran off to. They believe the twins have been responsible for scaring everyone, but the twins deny this. The shadow of Bergenef looms upon them. Everyone gets so terrified their souls leave their bodies.

The next day, the whole of Class 1-A find their faces in the school newspaper. Kurakano tells Souga she knows he was being brave for the class's sake. While Souga apologizes for putting up an act, Kurakano tells him that he's gained her respect for doing so. Kaoru comments that it seems the journey for these two may have to an end after all. Hikaru wonders what his brother is talking about. Kaoru says it's nothing, shoves his brother and Haruhi on their way, and watches them leave, together. He's still worried.

Next episode: Shinsengumi costumes! Swords! Mori! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiights!



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Sep. 15th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)
The twins are mortified to discover his pure intentions, as this obligates them to help him based on their ties to the Host Club's purpose. (Or maybe they're horrified because they have to help someone?)

Actually, I thought they were mortified because there was no way to mock him--he was too earnest and pure for their snark to take root. Oh noes!
Sep. 19th, 2006 02:27 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Your theory works, also.
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