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Sep. 12th, 2006

My copy of To Venus and Back is starting to deteriorate. I got it for a birthday present about eight years ago. I never thought of ripping it till now though -- getting quite a lot of skips on tracks. It's annoying, but listenable.

Lost a rather large translation job over the weekend. It was quite weird. I was told I'd be sent the document the next day, and never heard from them again. When I queried them, they finally told me I'd lost the job. Might be getting another gig, a good chance I'm really hoping works out. I sort of need the money for the trip to Bangkok. It comes and it goes.

Had my interview for the conversational classes I applied for. I think it went well, though as usual, I am inclined to think the worst of myself in the "rabbit in headlights" manner I go through these things. I also think I got hired. Actually, it was very NOVA-ish in structure and style. I have a good feeling about this.

No reply from the KSP Centre on my schedule that was announced ahead of me. I'm trying to refrain from calling them at this point -- I think that would be moving ahead of myself, but I am somewhat annoyed they're announcing I'll be running a workshop and hosting a 3-course dinner with readings without me knowing any of these things would be happening. The person in charge did tell me she was going on holiday for two weeks the same day I received my acceptance letter. She left an extra contact for me to direct queries to while she was gone. This is kind of where the lack of communication begins. It's also worrying, mind, because I'm leaving for Thailand in two weeks, and if there's things to sign and things to arrange, I'd rather be here for them than not.

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