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Apr. 21st, 2002

A cricket's moved in with us. Qwicket is small, friendly and totally unafraid of humans. He sang for three days, and stopped unexpectedly. I worry for him. He enters the house no matter how many times we put him out. In the end, we gave him a plastic tub and vegetables, and my parents demonstrated just how badly we need hamsters again. I love the little guy, even though my impulses to pick him up and hug him are equally repulsed by his rather cockroach-like appearance. From the places he wanders to, and his nature, I'm almost certain he is one of my returned little ones. There's an overwhelming feeling I get when I look at him. He reminds me so much of a hamster I loved dearly, and I have loved many rodents and critters dearly. They have come back before. I had thought they'd all left by now. It is nice to be wrong.