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Seeing Asian

Tangent Online changes the term, "non-white cultural voice", to "unique". I still feel unsettled about this, though I think I did achieve what I set out to do, not to seek, but to inform, and only to do that. The whole matter was resolved honourably, and with the most minimal impact possible. But I have gone back on something I promised myself I wouldn't do, and that was to interact with a critic over a piece of opinion. This is something I have learnt a lot from, and I will need some more time to really walk past it.

As I once told pnew8, my process of understanding opinion runs thus: " is like partaking of a cup of fine tea. We notice one layer of flavouring, maybe that this tea smells a certain way. Some of us will find that the tea has more layers with each fresh draw. Some of us will be satisfied with the first layer we encountered. It is interesting that way."

Likewise, I make an effort not write in culture into a story unless the culture is a layer of the story itself (a story within a story). I once vowed never to write a story where culture was a decoration. In the past couple of years, I have begun to write more stories about my own culture than I ever have before. Similar to the tea, I have endeavoured to make the story the cultural element tells within my stories meaningful -- more often than not, I find that it becomes cultural criticism. Because I don't personally believe in confrontational criticism, my writing tries to reflect this. So in most of my stories, my (cultural) goal is often to reflect the fear of change through conservatively moderate protagonists. The actual subjects being expressed may change, but the formula remains the same. I guess it's because I don't have it in me to write a revolutionary. And instead of having a hero that saves the world, for which neither my cynicism nor my own fears would allow, if my stories could reflect upon ripples of change in the place of something driven, I would be glad to share them.

In related news, the website of the Aurealis Awards was updated to list Rahim and Mosquito Story as Nominated Works for the Fantasy and Horror Short Story divisions.
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