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Favela Rising

Just caught this on SBS. Seems timed to match City of Men yesterday. It would've gone down as another documentary about successful grassroots social movements by me, had it not been for two things:

1. The opening lines of this show pointed out that about 430 Israeli and Palestinian minors died from violent conflict in a year. But nearly 4,000 Brazillian minors died from violent conflict in the same period - in Rio de Janeiro.

2. In the opening minutes of this film, the founders of the AfroReggae Cultural Group asserted that they believed in the force of Shiva, that destruction and creation worked in tandem with the other.

And so I stayed from the start to the end of Favela Rising, an amazing film filled with spontaneous percussion, quiet strength and a lot of blood.

Somewhere out there, they tell me Baghdad is going to be broken along ethnic lines, that the democratic Iraq is making another sort of social choice to keep their country whole. Approximately 6,000 Iraqis currently die every month as a result of the violent conflict in their country, a rate of about 100 people a day. All over the same region, people are choosing to shoot themselves in the foot.

It is for that reason, films like this exist. Because whether it's a big war or a small war, ultimately, it's a territorial pissfight.


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