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About that Kagerou PV...

Oo, look! Token rattie! Let's all go home now. ;P

When misatojaganshi started posting her enthusiastic always-a-pleasure-to-read-her reviews, I thought, "Hey, this looks just like Romance, except for that chick in the kimono." Then _maldorora, hyluko and countlibras started doing their bit, and I poddled over to have look at this thing. So it is kind of Romance's PV with a chick in kimono over the bits where you'd expect the clown and ballerina. It's pretty. Visually, we're still on the higher end of Buck-Tick PVs, and I'm grateful for this, because the lower-end of Buck-Tick PVs is really freaky stuff. But I do think they sort of got together and made their best music video ever on account of their 20th last year, and this is kind of the rehash. On the other hand, I can at least explain the kimono-clad lady by saying this is the theme for xxxHOLiC, specially made for the show, so that would make sense (for her to be there, and Atsushi to be smoking from a long stem in elegant fashion).

Kind of why the chorus is all, "...yume yume yume miru...," or something like that too.

The song itself sounds like we're all crashing in on something halfway through. It sounds fast, but is quite slow. The chorus is catchy - I'm humming it five minutes after the first listen. It's an average quality song in itself, but I actually like what I'm hearing individually from each member while I'm listening to it. Toll, in particular, is interesting, good and noticeable, a combination I don't get enough with B-T. In fact, so is Yuta, and I ended up honing in on the bass and drums playing off each other for the majority of the song. Imai's not nearly as interesting as he was in Romance, but still cool (I'm just guessing, but it sounds like a bit of Lucy is definitely creeping into his guitar). And again, this is something I did notice about this new single -- like in 13th Floor with Moonshine, the sound is cleaner than most of their previous music, with less distortion, effects, weird alien noises (none in this case), monsters thumping under the carpet, elephants humping each other on the roof. You get the idea. Of course, this is the first single, and so was Romance before we got to the rest of 13th Floor. And I like it. I really do. I just like being able to hear everyone, distinctly.

And, I'm hoping this is some indication of what their next album is heading for. The whole magic, illusions and nightmares theme is right up Buck-Tick's alley, and plays so well into their style that it'd be great, it really would be, if their next album went back to that sort of elegant sound.

Token rattie? Yes, I'm that easy to please.

PS: The wonderful il_pleut has contributed a very lovely translation of the heard lyrics at buck_tick.


Jul. 21st, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Gackt... ew.


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