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mokie sent along this report about the Christian Left entering American politics, which comes with this little gem of a quote: "We are furious that the religious right has made Jesus into a Republican. That's idolatry."

Apart from the fact it makes me go, "BWEEHEEHEEHEEEHEEE!", it leads into this:

Hamster: Watched the Conan movie the other day. It's been a while. I only just realized, the cult of Set in that film is actually a cult of prancing flower hugging hippies.
Mokie: *snicker* Cult of Set as hippies...bwahahahaa...
Hamster: Well, in the movie, it was *literally* a cult of prancing flower hugging hippies. Which was kind of freaky. Since Conan was all, "I live by the sword! I chop things!"
Mokie: I thought Set, being a god o' evil and darkness and such, was all about the cutting and chopping and such, though.
Hamster: Uh. He was. But he ran a cult of prancing flower hugging hippies. Apparently.
Mokie: Bizarre.

I trust the other Seth isn't into chopping and cutting, or rightly, we're in trouble.