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Italy vs. Ukraine

A much better game than the Quarter Final opener with Germany and Argentina. The Italians reclaimed whatever pride was lost in their match against Australia, with three stunning goals. A very strong showing by the Italians, with their incredible defensive strategy and a much better attacking one since the last game. Ukraine was the team that looked underclassed here. Quite a physical team too. Gattuso just had the worst luck with injuries in the first half because of it. Buffon's head smacking into the pole was not really anyone's fault, but is probably a testament to his all out style of play -- it looked painful, and he still saved the ball first. There was a great run by Camoranesi in the second half too that took about four Ukrainians to take down, which I thought was awfully cool. The Italians definitely showed they have the better style, but again, Ukraine did seem underclassed rather than an equal -- they will face Germany next.
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