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Woke up this morning and realized I didn't stick my DOB anywhere in my KSP application for the one writing grant with an age limit. *keyboard face*
I know I stated clearly I was under the age limit in my cover letter, but I'm still a noob. *keyboard face*

Cool Boss called this morning. I'll be seeing him next Friday with complete code and maligned help documentation. *so keyboard face*

Germany plays Argentina tonight. Germany has not been playing up to form, host nation or not. Kind of like England, I think their making it this far has been more luck than skill, and that's sad, because Germany's a good team. Argentina, on the other hand, has been wiping the field with their opponents from at least the second match up.

Brazil plays France tomorrow. The French are a veteran team that deserve to go out with a bang. I hope they play a thoroughly honorable game that will have people talking for years to come. I hope Zizou or Thierry Henry score some fantastic goals. I hope the match between the two consecutive World Cup champions turns out to be great. If I recall correctly, France has never lost a game to Brazil since at least 1998.

What the 'eck. BRAZIL MUST KILL THEM. Or like, I's the wrong reference to the wrong country, but maybe, Zorro them to death or something.

And the time sensitive story gets crucially time sensitive with red low battery eyes.
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