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Germany vs. Sweden

Quite a clinical game, in terms of style. German precision definitely showed, about time it did. They were there to slice past the Swedes and that's what they did. Sweden, in comparison, seemed quite awkward. Two goals for Germany in about ten minutes. Poor Isaksson, he did have that first goal in his hands before Podolski lunged at it out of thin air. Podolski again for the second goal, past a gap between three Swedes. Rather thought it was awful form for Podolski to be patting the referee on the back after he handed a red card to Lucic. But just as bad when Metzelder's boot got kicked away by a Swede as he was reaching for it.

German games don't have quite the same air without Kahn, and the cameras seem to share that thought. It is quite distressing to watch Kahn moping on the bench. Lehmann just doesn't have quite the same presence.