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Australia vs. Crotia

I should probably make clear right now that I started watching this match with a gigantic sneer. I credit globalization. This has been a World Cup of mass migrations. Dual-citizenship is just one of those topics that gets absolutely no sympathy from me. So finding out that three Crotian players were technically Australian and seven Australians were technically Croatian just made me horribly ill-humored.

Game-wise, this is a technically interesting match. Both teams are physical teams of the shirt-pulling, leg-kicking, leapfrogging variety (maybe it's a Croatian thing?). Both teams are capable of aggressive attacks, and aren't afraid to use it. Unlike in matches against their group mates, both teams will also be similarly-sized, so we won't have that problem of tiny Asians or South Americans vs. gigantic Caucasian types. Watching the first half, I'm tempted to say it was rather a match of brute force vs. skill. Australia, however higher its ball possession (that wasn't a pun, but they do have balls) and however high the shot count, were simply no more able to produce a goal without a clear field than Croatia was (and I'm getting to them in a minute). I know the shot count says Australians 8, Crotians 2, but one has to remember for all their 2 shots, Crotia hit one home. Croatia too, Prso is a terrible shot.

Second half, much more interesting. Quite the comedy of errors. Croatia's second goal by N. Kovac kind of fell out of Kalac's hands. There were those handballs, also by Croatia. The two red cards, including Simunic's two red cards for just not leaving the field the first time. Pletikosa, man, what a goalie. Saved a lot of great shots, saved a great shot by Kewell, I believe, fell flat on his face and got himself flattened some more by two Australians in his own goal. Australia deserved it's second goal even by sheer execution. I'm going to say this again, Crotia is still the more skilled team here, but the Australians do play a consistently determined game. And so, they face Italy.

I take this brief moment to remind everyone the SBS commentator jock still annoys me in annoying commentator jock ways. And the booing crowd stuff is still bad form. Now when in the bloody hell will they show Brazil vs. Japan?! I want to see Brazil score three and Japan squeeze one!



Jun. 24th, 2006 01:51 am (UTC)
Re: This will be kind of long...and probably quite strongly worded. I apologize in advance.
Well my take on it is very very different.
Possibly because I am no great supporter of "nationality" or "nationhood" as whole.
I think the individual is a far more important entity, and that their desires and feelings should always take precedence over any "social contract".
The fact is people are divided these days. I have at least three nationalities I consider as being relevant to me, and I take issue at anyone forcing me to choose just one of them, or telling me how I should label myself.
In fact I have always seen dual citizenship as a very positive thing. People like me are bridges between cultures, who bring the world closer together in spirit. If say England and Australia went to war with each other over political territorial or ideological differences, my attitude would not be "OMG what side should I be on", but "they are both a pack of deluded idiots fighting about something so insignificant". But then I have very little respect for governments and institutions. I guess that is my rebellious Celtic Australian side...
I love the countries I am a citizen of but I don't believe I have a contract to "do or die" for them...seems like a very 19th century idea to me ><;;