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Football in Absentia

Due to work and not particularly inspiring sounding match-ups of late, I've been missing out on a lot of games. I still hope to pick up when the second round starts.

Argentina vs. Netherlands: Argentina requires so much worship. They're playing stylish, beautiful football and have come a long way since their opening match. I only wished Brazil would do something about playing a consistently good style or strategy. Maybe they'll do something about that in the next round, but it's not like they're lacking individual greats. With Argentina though, Messi is amazing. But it was a pretty rough game too. Argentina practically strangles one, the Netherlands shoved at least twice. I haven't been paying attention to the Netherlands prior to this, but based on what's here, they deserve whatever they can squeeze out of the second round. And definitely, so does Argentina.

Côte d'Ivoire vs. Serbia & Montenegro: The teams with nothing left to lose really let it rip. This was a great fight. Fast, hard game. Everyone really doing their best to score, and they did. Serbia & Montenegro had the purely bad luck or bad sportsmanship to concede two penalty kicks, both of which the Ivory Coast made goals of. Always good to see a game full of spirit like this.
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