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No Gloomies!

Battered and beated my way through the final Lesson and 50 TOEIC questions for my maligned editor. She accepted the first two sets and the Lesson. Hopefully the other three sets also make it through without edits. It's back to open season with TOEIC, since the exercise books are back on hold pending more new guidelines. I really like this gig.

Was invited to apply for the Katharine Susannah Pritchard Young Writer-in-Residence program again. I should apply this year, since I'm already at the hard end of their age limit. As part of my application, I need to plan an outline for two writing workshops I intend to hold at the KSP Centre if I win the sponsorship. I want to do at least one Lighter Side of Dark Short Fiction thing about cross-genres, and another Short Fiction workshop about, I don't really know. Religious fantasy? I love that theme, and it's probably relevant with all the Da Vinci Code nonsense, but for both cases, I'm one severely under-read reader. Or a Haiku workshop, which I could do slightly better at. At any rate, I should go talk to Santa about it. I need at least two referees for my application as well, and the deadline's the 30th. Interesting new edible thing!

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