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Brazil vs. Australia

Brazil actually looks more like Brazil in the second half. Seriously, the Ronaldo vs. three passing to Adriano was great stuff. Last minute changes resulting in some solid attacking by Robinho and the uncanny goal by Fred were definitely fun watches (props to the coach for the strategy). There should be much good things said about Ze Roberto's defending and Dida's work too. But there is one guy I can't help but like watching about Brazil, and that has got to be Ronaldinho. Ronaldo may be getting pudgy, but Ronaldinho is definitely the "smiling assassin". Did anyone else see that crazy trickster pass?

Australia was playing a solid game. There can and deserve to walk away from this with their heads held high. And if they do make it to the second round, then based on how they played here, they would deserve everything they've worked for. Schwarzer is good stuff.

As for the referee, it may have been a good thing he was turning a blind eye to as much of the blatant shoving and tripping that was going on as he did, given just how many players on each side were coming in with yellow cards, but he could've called on more of the clear falls. Those jeering fans are truly bad form. And the SBS commentator jock still gets on my nerves.